mandag 27. april 2009

En helg med Team Nettverk

Forrige fredag var det klart. Fokus og Act Now folka dro på krussetreff, og Team Nettverk ble igjen, klar for en helg med mye jobbing, og mye morro. Og mye jobbing ble det.

Vi startet fredagen ca kl 9, og avsluttet 13 timer senere med is og kaffe i stua. Gjennom dagen hadde vi spikret sammen et konsert lignende tema, som vi skulle fremføre to ganger i løpet av helga. Thaidans og Thaiboksing, gassisk salme, boyband med god og seriøs tekst, samt ekte norsk folkesang, med trampe og klapperytme. Det hele slo utrolig bra an, og vi samlet inn mye penger til NMS sine prosjekter i Laos. KONGE!!

Søndagen hadde vi misjonærstand i Søm Kirke i Kristiansand. Der viste vi bilder, enkel informasjon og fortalte om landene vi hadde vært ute i. NMS driver prosjekter i alle landene, og utrolig artig å kunne fortelle folk om arbeidet vi har vært en del av. Det sies at det største gledene man kan få, er av å hjelpe andre. Og det stemmer så til de grader. For en glede jeg får når jeg tenker på pengene som ble gitt, som kan gi unger i Laos rent vann, utdannelse og mye mer.

I løpet av helga ble det også en tur på meg og Øyvin i kristiansand sentrum. Turen gikk under navnet: Kristiansand, iført crocs og kamera!

Søm kirke i Kristinsand

Cecilie, Øyin og Hanne funderer over malerienes betydning

Mok lærer unger litt Thaiboksing

Fontene ved domkirka i Kristiansand. Fra turen: Kristinsand, iført crocs og Kamera

lørdag 11. april 2009

"It is Finished"

"It is finished". These are the last words of Jesus, before he died on the cross. When Jesus lived on earth, he had a mission. He had a calling from God. God shaped him, and let him grow through temptetion, he was sick, and it stands in the bible that his face was of a nature that people didn't like to look at him.

Jesus was a man on earth, who had a calling from God. He answered, and the result was forgivness and mercy, and an open way for us to heaven.
I believe that every man has a calling from God. God has a mission for us on earth. Some missions are ment to last your whole life, other are ment to last for exampel 6 months.

Last Sunday, I sat in the church in Laos. I had just sang the blessing song (velsignelsen) together with Kristian/Bon Lai. As I sat there, I was filled with a peace, and I felt it through my whole body. It was finished.
My time in Laos are over. I returned to Norway yesterday, after 6 months in a culture, country, people and church, that are different from everything I knew of, in Norway. I had my work there, I had my life there, and I looked at everything in Laos as my own. But.. My mission was finished, and it was time for me to come home, and I felt peace. I was ready, as I feel ready for the next step in Gods plan for my life.

In the writing moment I sit in the living room in our house in Norway. Outside the temperature is below zero, which is very strange for a person that has lived with sun and 20-30 degreeds for the last 6 months. It's 9 o'clock, and almost everyone in the house are sleeping. The differences are huge, but I feel I am where I am supposed to be for the moment. Just want to say "Thank you" to the people in Laos, to Hald for sending me, and to God for showing me the way.

A picture from last trip in Laos. Just to see the difference between Norway and Laos

The view from our porcht this morning. To sit and write this, with a cup of coffee and a glass of water from the spring, is something I'm not used to. But it was nice to come home, and see that everything is the same, and that I fell right back into it.

mandag 6. april 2009

The last two weeks

That's the word I want to use about the couple last weeks. They have been just amazing.

To make it short:
- Mukhdahan, Thailand. Vacation the, and we lived with our mentor, Atle and his family. We got to see the opening of a new church, feed monkeys with Hanne and Cecilie, and get more friends in Thailand. Two thumbs up!
- Missionary Meeting, Thailand. take care of kids, relax at a nice hotel, get to learn a lot about God, from Aril and Lotta Svartdhal, and get to know the missinionaries better. Again, two thumbs up.
- Bangkok, Thailand. Two days with shopping, eating ice cream, taking taxi, never get to a fully silent place, spend lots of time with Hanne and Cecilie, go the the movies with the gang (Hanne, Cecilie, Kristian, Mari, Silje, Else). Very nice, but more than enough with two days!
- Savannakhet, Laos. Two days with teaching bass and music to the youth in the church there. Very very speciall and blessed time, for reasons I'm not allowed to write here. "Then I would have to kill you". Special time, but so blessed, and I am very very glad I got the stay there!
- Vientiane, Laos. Came back on Saturday after ten hours on a bus. The church on Sundag, where I showed my pictures from the churc in Laos, to the youth, and singing velsignelsen. Definetly going to miss that church, and its people. Eating dinner with deth's parents and Salome. Ahan sep lai! Very tasty food!
- Today. Visiting the river where the youth will celebrate Lao New Year, whitch we will not be able to attend, something I am very sorry for. But no problem. Very beautifull river though. Buying more gifts to bring home, and going to a worship and blessing of a new born boy.

This country, this city, this church, these people.. I can't explain how good they are, and how much everything means to me. I can only say thank God!!