mandag 7. desember 2009

Helt ok

I`m sitting in the office at Hald.
I`m reading in a magazin from NMS Agder.
I`m reading stories about Laos.
I`m reading about girls, 6 and 9 years old, being left by their parents, but who have found Jesus.

Odd Nordstoga and Sissel Kyrkjebø`s song; jul, jul, strålande jul sings from the computer.
My body is in Norway, but my heart is in Lao.
I` m reading about the people that I know so well.
I`m reading about the prayer meeting at 5.30 am, which I used to attend.

I miss Lao, and I probably spent 6 of the best months in my life there.
Only regret is that I didn`t use the opportunity, whilst being there, well enough.

tirsdag 1. desember 2009