fredag 28. august 2009

Teaching is fun

Now, I`m sitting in the computer room at school. I`m teaching the Act Now class about blogging, how to use it, about the use of pictures, ethics and so on.

The class is exellent, and being a teacher is very easy now. A little bit different to teach here and now, then to teach English in lao, like I did 7 months ago. Being able to make myself understood during teaching, strangly make things easier :)

For de som vil lese på Norsk, minner jeg om oversetteren min. Merk teksten, kopier og lim inn i oversetteren nede til høyre på siden. Velg språket NORSK, og trykk GO. Da blir det oversatt :)

Living at Hald is easy. My work is challenging, variable, fun, not longlasting or boring.

I think I`ve out myself in a Prrrretty good position for the following year. If only the sivil service

system good be more easygoing and not that difficult, everything would have been perfect. But it doesn`t matter. I truly have got everything I need :D

The work I do as ettåring at Hald, consist of:

- Being a runners boy for the teachers, helping them to prepare classes, and sometimes be a part of the teachin.
- Work with the school envornment.
- advertising the school
- +++++
Now I have to move on with my teaching.
God bless no stress!

mandag 24. august 2009

Der ja :)

It's been a long, long time since last time I wrote a post to this blog.
Since I'm back at Hald, I've decided to write in English again. In case some of my many foreign friends would like to read some of the stupid and meaningless things I hope to write here :)

Yeah, so I'm back at Hald. As a member of the staff, under the fine title; Ettåring.
A lot of things has happened since I started to work, about two weeks ago. Most of our students have arrived now (miss a few, due to visa problems). And what a group of people!!!

It is strange how fast 80 people can become friends, when we come from so totally different settings, cultures and backgrounds. Some speaks english perfectly, other hardly know how to say yes and no. But the manage. The communicate, they learn, the become friends, they make memories and experiences for life. I can't help but to think that God has something to do with this. Say what you want.. But this is NOT normal:P Haha..

I've also found out that I am somewhat not normal. I'm still 19 years old. I've got a job and I can tell older people then myself, what to do and how they should do it. And guess what, I don't like to have that kind of controll over people. To be an authority is strange. And at the same time.. I'm back at Hald, I have 80 students around me, I've got many good friends here.. But I'm not a student. I'm not part of the group. I know it, they know, and it shows. But still, I wouldn't be any other place.

Btw, election 09 is coming up. Anyone else then me, that are scared of the possible outcome of this election. Seriously, the norwegian politicians don't have their feet on the ground. What happened to thinking and the use of our wonderfull thing called brain?

Summer updates:
I've worked at a nursery home for old people.
I was at Skjærgårds, a christian music festival, where I worked a lot
I went to Berlin with the best gang ever, and saw U2 live. Only real free time all summer
I worked more at the nursery home
I attended Ten Misjonsfestivalen, as a leader, and worked there as well.

Sooo, this summer.. I have worked a lot. Not that much spare time. But what a SUMMER :D:D

Oh yeah, I got baptised this summer:)

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