mandag 26. juli 2010


I`m taking care of my sisters kids.
I don`t whether to smile or cry?!

Don`t get me wrong. They`re awesome kids, and I love them a lot..
But they won`t stop argue :S Both with me, and among them selves.
What to do, what to do, what to do....?

mandag 7. juni 2010

Last week

It`s the last week at Hald.
I`ve spent two years here. Pretty much my whole life has been about this School.

I`m gonna work a bit through out the summer. But..
I`m not ready to for this to end. It has gone to fast. I`m not ready :S

But this school has given me a direction in life. I know what to do. I know what to fight for. I know that I will never walk alone. I know I will find my Calcutta. I know my way..

I will fight for a better world! I will never stop. I can`t.. I mean; Take a look around. And don`t just look.. SEE. There are SO many people and situations that seems hopeless. Not just in the "3rd" world, but in Norway as well.
I wan`t to fight against the societies and cultures that abuse the world and its goods. I want to work against the fact that my well being, and my HIGH standards in life, makes life so much worse for people I know around the world. People that I call my friends. People I miss. My living, makes their life worse.
How can I stand on the side line, and do nothing.

People. That DOES NOT WORK.

Hald has given me direction in life. I believe that God has had a good deal to do with this as well.
But my life has gotten a bigger purpose to it. To serve God, by serving the people around me, with what they need.

This is my INCREDIBLE journey. My name is Eirik AND Sing. I have a life and a purpose. I`m on a journey. For those who read. Please, taggle along. Stay in my life, as friends and family. Take part in it!