torsdag 19. mars 2009

My bisarre food experiences

Being in Laos is both a challenge, and a delight, when it comes to food.
Mostly, the Lao food is really spicy. And then I mean, REALLY spicy. That has given me a few times of stomachache. But when the change of tasting some new food, and try new thing, a happily take some hours with stomachache as a result! No problem.

Lately, I've eaten three things that is no so normal to eat in Norway. Those thing would be: Rotten fish, some kind of rat, and DOG.
Without any fuss, every meal was very very good. And non of them gave me trouble with my stomach. So, I would gladly do it again. And for the record, Dog was the best. It was amazingly good food, and I recomend it to anyone who gets a chance to eat it!!

Here we are eating the rat thing, with fish, rice and wegetables. Really tasty everything. This is Salome and his sisters:)

That is the rat thing. You can se the foot, and the tail streching over the back. It tasted a bit like beef. Really good, but strange to chew on a foot like that:P

Here is the dog's nose. It was the football team that ate. They barbequed the dog, made sauages from the bones together with some fat, blood and spices. We ate everything with mint leaves and rice. All in all, a fine meal. A meal for kings!!