tirsdag 17. november 2009


Earlier this fall, we had an election of state in Norway. FRP came very close to winning, something that in itself is scary (my opinion). Today VG writes an article about something a member of FRP said about Prince Haakons trip to Africa.
I quote: "Da kronprins Haakon var i Botswana nylig, la han ut bilder på Facebook. Frp-politiker Roger Madsen mente kronprinsen ikke bør besøke afrikanske land - fordi det bare finnes halvaper der."

It`s in norwegian, but what is says, is that the prince shouldn`t travel to africa, because there are only halfapes/halfmonkeys down there.
The man has the right to have his own opinions, but still...
How is it POSSIBLE to say something like that. How dumb... can you get?!

I LOVE it that Prince Haakon and Princess Mette Marit are travelling around the world, fighting poverty. The Prince has said it himself, our times biggest challenge is poverty.
I admire the royal family in Norway. How they stand up, acknowledging aid and fighting poverty as something that works!!
Look at NMS and their work in Lao. Since they started working in Lao, many schools have been build and restored. A lot of wells have been build, giving women a opportunity to get water without walking for hours.
Grownup people have learned to read and write, which they use to learn more about growing and runing a farm.
AID WORKS. We need to help our neighbours, also those on Norway in need.
What we DON`T need, is people calling africans halfmonkeys.

Don`t come here and call my friends halfmonkeys!!!!!!!

lørdag 14. november 2009

Kirk Franklin

All I say is; Concert with Kirk Franklin
So humble, so focused, so real, so true. He gave God the honour from the first second. What else can I do, then admire and join in that praise.
Btw, Afroamericans have the most awesome attitude :D I love it :D
Watch the vidoe. On of the best songs, made by Kirk Franklin

onsdag 11. november 2009

Hei og hopp, vesten er en flopp

Last weekend I attended a confrence called Global Leadership Summit.
During the summit I heard about an organisation called Kiva.
Kiva works with microfinance, and the way they do it is remarcable. They are partners with existing organisations that does microfinance, and the way Kiva work is that they provide lenders to the organisations, and the organisations find people who need small loans to start a small business to provide themselves at their families.

If you go to Kivas website www.kiva.org, you can provide a person with a small loan. You search between 183 countries and 200 000 people, and look at their stories. They tell their story through Kiva and the partner organisation. And if you find out that this is a person you want to help, then you can loan them some money. And on the same web site you also check up on the loan you gave, to find out how much they have payed back to you. The money you provide goes straight to the loaner, and the money gets payed straight back to you. 98,5 %of the money being lend out, gets payed back.

This organisation is one of the best I have ever heard of. Check it out, and be amazed!

Btw, did you know that almost all the money in the norwegian budget, marked for Aid, is not really marked for aid. they are meant for emergenzy fundings. And did you know that immigrants in Norway work, earn money, and send more money home to their families every year, than the norwegian aid budget. How sick is that!! Norway as a state should give more to the pour!!

tirsdag 10. november 2009

A church in change

Watch this inteview with Bono, from GLS 2006. He really smacks the church on the backhand.
BUT.. Take a look at the third video, from GLS 2009.
Here he talks about a church that has changed. The global church has acknowledged its responsability to fight poverty!! Churches all over the world has gathered millions upon millions to fight poverty. A church in USA gathered on christmas day at once over 500 000 dollar, as a pure gift to fight povery!!
Since 2006, 2 million africans have gotten medical treatment for HIV/AIDS. The fight is on!!

onsdag 4. november 2009

Eg er glad

Things are going really well these days.
I`ve just come back from leading a practice for a young worship band. It is so inspiring to see development and to see the band member getting better and more confident for each week. And I`ve only been helping them for three weeks. So yeah, after coming back from practice now, I feel really good!
Otherwise my foot is getting better, so I can work more and more and more out.
Volleyball is a winner, and being able to hit that ball is one of the best things I can do in my life.

But if could have done anything else right now, I would have been back in Lao, working in the church, through Hald. I miss it so much. Reading the blogs of the this year students is so inspiring!

At the same time, knowing that for each person in norway dying of the swineflu, 1000 kids in the world are dying of starvation. At that is only from starvation. Then there are Malaria, diarrhea, AIDS, catastrofies, bad water, general health etc etc etc.. Then we have the 100 million kids living on the streets of the world..

In other words.. I AM PRRRRETTY LUCKY.
And my job this year, is to spread that message, telling the youth of norway how fortunate they are, and how ignorant the people in Norway are. In stead of being gratefull and humble for actually living in Norway and having too much food on the table, we want more and more. And there we have the peoples parti in Norway saying "Everyone shall get more" (alle skal ha mer).
Again, I`m ashamed by the west and our egiosm!!

Ene klassa jeg hadde i Laos. Disse er blant de få som får lære engelsk fra barneskolen av, og dermed får et helt annet utgangspunkt i livet.