mandag 26. juli 2010


I`m taking care of my sisters kids.
I don`t whether to smile or cry?!

Don`t get me wrong. They`re awesome kids, and I love them a lot..
But they won`t stop argue :S Both with me, and among them selves.
What to do, what to do, what to do....?

mandag 7. juni 2010

Last week

It`s the last week at Hald.
I`ve spent two years here. Pretty much my whole life has been about this School.

I`m gonna work a bit through out the summer. But..
I`m not ready to for this to end. It has gone to fast. I`m not ready :S

But this school has given me a direction in life. I know what to do. I know what to fight for. I know that I will never walk alone. I know I will find my Calcutta. I know my way..

I will fight for a better world! I will never stop. I can`t.. I mean; Take a look around. And don`t just look.. SEE. There are SO many people and situations that seems hopeless. Not just in the "3rd" world, but in Norway as well.
I wan`t to fight against the societies and cultures that abuse the world and its goods. I want to work against the fact that my well being, and my HIGH standards in life, makes life so much worse for people I know around the world. People that I call my friends. People I miss. My living, makes their life worse.
How can I stand on the side line, and do nothing.

People. That DOES NOT WORK.

Hald has given me direction in life. I believe that God has had a good deal to do with this as well.
But my life has gotten a bigger purpose to it. To serve God, by serving the people around me, with what they need.

This is my INCREDIBLE journey. My name is Eirik AND Sing. I have a life and a purpose. I`m on a journey. For those who read. Please, taggle along. Stay in my life, as friends and family. Take part in it!


tirsdag 27. april 2010

This is my life.. For now

After 6 months alone in Mandal, I`ve now gotten some company :D
The students have come back, and everything is where it should be!
It`s so cool to see how the students/my friends have grown the last months.. No matter what people might say; If it were up to me, every norwegian youth would have travelled the world for at least 6 months. And they would have to do more than just backpacking!
There are so much we can learn..

My parents are helping a man in Narva, Estonia. He runs a daycare/children center, for kids who live on the street, or have trouble with alcoholic parents. There are a lot of poverty in that city (Narva), and the youth/children are those who struggles the most.
In the end of May, hopefully, me and my father will go down there to visit them.
I`ve talked to Mikasa, the org. that makes volleyballs for the international leagues. They have sponsorded us with some volleyballs. We also hope to get some more sports equipment, so that we can give the kids something to do.

I look so much forward to go to Narva, to see the work being done there.

torsdag 11. mars 2010


The man in this video talks about relativism and religion in a very good way.

søndag 28. februar 2010


I`ve got to say.. the start of the winter holiday has been awesome!!!

I came home yesterday evening.. And from that time, I`ve only been at my sisters place, watching Heroes with my twin brother, relaxing and chillin´.. Soo, it`s all good :D

Holidays are awesome, specially with the snow that`s falling outside now. Man!!! :D

tirsdag 16. februar 2010

Musikk :D

This weekend I was in Bergen.
I was working, holding a stand at a conference called Impuls. Btw, that was really good stuff :D

But after getting to know ( a little bit) the members of the worship band, and listening to their cd and music, I really got inspired to play guitar again :D
And now, this evening, I attended the youth meeting here in Mandal, called 13/19.
After the service, me and the band did some jamming :D

In honor of guitar and music, I will now show you my guitar :D

Songs I`m learning these days:
- Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes
- Beatles - Blackbird
- John mayer - Why Georgia

lørdag 6. februar 2010


Jeg er på Impuls i Trondheim..
Her har jeg truffet en gjeng gode mennesker, som var svært aktive deltagere under forårets TMF.
Jeg vil beære dem, ved å legge ut deres kamprop, som de med stor margin, vant telttunkonkurranse med..
Her er det, nyt det!!

"Vi e flest, vi e best, vi har fart, vi har bart. Har reist langt, vi bor trangt. Alle vi e trøndere, men 5 e fra et skap. Tunet vårt e plettfritt, du finner ikke skrap. Mælka fortæres, Gud æres, tmf uten trøndere, er som Norge uten bønder. D2 e best, hver kveld e det fest, med skinnvest."

Ære være Trøndere.. SHØ!!

mandag 1. februar 2010


Just to let you know..

After the earthquake in Haiti, 130000 people have died.

Did you know, that more people die, in Africa alone, EVERY MONTH.

I think it is really good that people help, give money and their time when something so exstreme happens.

I only wish that people would do the same every day, every month, every year. Becuase something SO exstreme is happening, now, today, always.. And yet, people don`t seem to care!!

I don`t understand!

Talk about inspiration!!!!

fredag 15. januar 2010


Btw guys..

I have a really long easter holiday, as well as a long winter holiday.
Aaaand, I wanna go to the mountains. Anybody care to join me?


Alwrighty thennnn!
I`m travelling again.
Soon I`ll be leaving for Lima, Peru.

It`s been some months now since I was abroad, and I really miss it. The exitement, the long hours, the tasty food! Ah, and I look so much forward to see south America. It`ll be prrretty good!
And, not at least, I really look forward to seing the guys from Hald again. I`ve gotta say, life in Mandal isn`t the same without them!

And btw, my spanish sucks. It`ll be interesting!! Comprende?

lørdag 9. januar 2010


I`m EXTREMELY restless.
Infield is over, det last people just walked out the door. I`m sitting behind, alone, with all the impressions and thoughts. The last week has been amazing!
To feel so bad now, after the students have left, scares me. Just imagine how it`s going to be when they leave for their home countries to the summer. haff..

Infield from me perspective:
Bible class.
Ligretto tournament
Being sick
Praise & Prayer
More friends
Ice skates
Cold weather

In other words.. Infield, as an ettåring, not as participant, has been GREAT :D
In one week, I`ll go to Peru.. Imagine how that`s going to be!

Btw, Jack Johnson - Upside down, comes from my speakers.. it prrrretty nice!!
The sun`s shining in Mandal, and there - 15 degrees :D

Life is goooood ^^

onsdag 6. januar 2010

24 special hours.

The last 24 hours have been of the most special, challenging, strange, confuseing and interessting time of my life..

Infield for the south students have started with a boom. Last night we saw a movie called: Live, and Become. (For those who don`t know, it is from this movie Hald International Senter has gotten its slogan; Go-Learn-Become).
Agnar introdused the movie as handling about poverty, racism, identity and religion. He was absolutely right. Without any doubt, I would say that this is deffinetily one of the BEST films I have ever seen.

Today, Harald is having teaching about poverty. In of the sessions, he showed a speach which Bono, the lead singer in U2, gave in Washington, under the invitation by former president, George W Bush. Bono talks about Charity and Justice... What are they, and can they iradicate poverty?!
After the speach, the south students here at Hald started reflecting and discussing around the terms: Charity, Justice, Peace, Poverty...
Sitting on the sideline, with the impression from yesterdays movie, still hanging over my head, twisting, turning and molding around in my head, and getting the opportunity to listen to what the students had to say.. I`ve got to say, I was blown away.
Charity can not iradicate poverty, only justice can. But justice can not be fullfilled withouth peace. But what is Charity? What is justice? WHAT IS POVERTY?
Some really big questions were disgussed, few answers were given, more questions raised, leaving me confused, impressed, inspired and much more..

If it were up to me.. Each and every leader and journalist in Norway, would sit on the sideline, hearing that discussion, so that they could see that when it comes to poverty, I believe that there is no one that are more capable of express and discuss the true nature of poverty, than those who have seen it, experienced it, grown up, surrounded by it..
But then.. What is poverty??