søndag 28. februar 2010


I`ve got to say.. the start of the winter holiday has been awesome!!!

I came home yesterday evening.. And from that time, I`ve only been at my sisters place, watching Heroes with my twin brother, relaxing and chillin´.. Soo, it`s all good :D

Holidays are awesome, specially with the snow that`s falling outside now. Man!!! :D

tirsdag 16. februar 2010

Musikk :D

This weekend I was in Bergen.
I was working, holding a stand at a conference called Impuls. Btw, that was really good stuff :D

But after getting to know ( a little bit) the members of the worship band, and listening to their cd and music, I really got inspired to play guitar again :D
And now, this evening, I attended the youth meeting here in Mandal, called 13/19.
After the service, me and the band did some jamming :D

In honor of guitar and music, I will now show you my guitar :D

Songs I`m learning these days:
- Jack Johnson - Banana Pancakes
- Beatles - Blackbird
- John mayer - Why Georgia

lørdag 6. februar 2010


Jeg er på Impuls i Trondheim..
Her har jeg truffet en gjeng gode mennesker, som var svært aktive deltagere under forårets TMF.
Jeg vil beære dem, ved å legge ut deres kamprop, som de med stor margin, vant telttunkonkurranse med..
Her er det, nyt det!!

"Vi e flest, vi e best, vi har fart, vi har bart. Har reist langt, vi bor trangt. Alle vi e trøndere, men 5 e fra et skap. Tunet vårt e plettfritt, du finner ikke skrap. Mælka fortæres, Gud æres, tmf uten trøndere, er som Norge uten bønder. D2 e best, hver kveld e det fest, med skinnvest."

Ære være Trøndere.. SHØ!!

mandag 1. februar 2010


Just to let you know..

After the earthquake in Haiti, 130000 people have died.

Did you know, that more people die, in Africa alone, EVERY MONTH.

I think it is really good that people help, give money and their time when something so exstreme happens.

I only wish that people would do the same every day, every month, every year. Becuase something SO exstreme is happening, now, today, always.. And yet, people don`t seem to care!!

I don`t understand!

Talk about inspiration!!!!