tirsdag 27. april 2010

This is my life.. For now

After 6 months alone in Mandal, I`ve now gotten some company :D
The students have come back, and everything is where it should be!
It`s so cool to see how the students/my friends have grown the last months.. No matter what people might say; If it were up to me, every norwegian youth would have travelled the world for at least 6 months. And they would have to do more than just backpacking!
There are so much we can learn..

My parents are helping a man in Narva, Estonia. He runs a daycare/children center, for kids who live on the street, or have trouble with alcoholic parents. There are a lot of poverty in that city (Narva), and the youth/children are those who struggles the most.
In the end of May, hopefully, me and my father will go down there to visit them.
I`ve talked to Mikasa, the org. that makes volleyballs for the international leagues. They have sponsorded us with some volleyballs. We also hope to get some more sports equipment, so that we can give the kids something to do.

I look so much forward to go to Narva, to see the work being done there.